Class notes 9/26

We began class by viewing Anelia’s Facebook video of the Cedar Falls garage fire. We we’re asked to analyze it by focusing on the reporter and certain visuals. (eg. How is the reporter effective?)

Some visuals were the breaking news symbols, but that is obvious. The major, or most eye-catching visuals, we’re the actual photos of the blazing fire. To compliment this, KWWL also showed a video of the fire blazing. Next, they did an interview of eye witnesses. During the interview, the red, white, and blue lights of emergency vehicles reflected off the faces of the interviewees. This really emphasized the idea that this was a serious incident.


(Video about 1:58 minutes long)

Reporter – 11 seconds

Visual 1 – 8 seconds

Visual 2 – 18 seconds

Visual 3 – 17 seconds

Visual 4 – 12 seconds

Reporter – 10 seconds

So, the reporter appeared on camera for the audience for a total of 21 seconds, approximately.

Visuals 1 & 2 took up about 26 seconds.

Visuals 3 & 4 took up about 29 seconds.


Next, we talked about Michelle Kehoe, an Iowa mom who is guilty for murdering her 2-year old son. She slit her 2-year old son’s throat back in 2008. This, as you can see, is disgusting. My gut-wrenched when I researched this case.

We watched a video of her in court. It was only her being asked questions, but her quotes we’re very grasping. This is because she is someone who committed a horrific act and people want to hear her and also because the audio was clear and hard to ignore. In this video, there were several direct quotes. This is important because direct quotes add flavor.

Some examples of the direct quotes:

“I was frantic trying to get all the information to them.”

“There was never any build preparation. We never had an opportunity to discuss what questions we would ask, what specific she would point out.”

“I was on medicaid for three days.”

“Each and every time I saw them I continuously told them I wanted to testify.”

— (prosecutor video) —

“I needed the jury to hear that it was out of my control on that day.”

“I know that this horrific tragic accident happened with my hands, but it was not my intention.”

“I may have been too ill to comprehend my actions, but I knew I was going in unprepared.”

After our discussion, we went to the Iowa Supreme Court website. We searched about the Jesse Marzen case from 2010. We were given about 25 minutes to read the 24 page excerpt.

This 24 page document was very odd. It was about how Jesse Marzen, a lawyer, had sexual relations with a client by the name of Jane Doe. The document, however, went much more in depth than simple sexual relations. It mentions specifics, such as Marzen’s buttocks and body features such as a distinct mole on his back. This document was definitely worth the read as it was both entertaining and educational.

A court decision tells a story in _____ (someones) opinion.


Our next video we watched was about a weird case. This case was extremely peculiar. It was about a company in Arizona who will preserve dead bodies. For $100,000, they will preserve your whole body, and for $50,000 they will just preserve your head. Why are they offering to preserve bodies? In case technology advances and we can bring the dead back to life. Well, that was they claim to be in the business of, but really it’s just a way to be a large sum of money.

Anyways, this man paid $50,000 to the company for them to preserve his head once he dies. The man then died 2 years later, but his daughter and son wanted nothing to do with this company. So, they simply buried their father, rather than giving his head to the company. There was nothing wrong here, the family kept their father in tact, and the company still made $50,000.

As time went on, the son and daughter asked for the $50,000 back since they didn’t use the service. This “stirred up a hornets nest” as the Arizona company then denied the refund and also requested the head of the their late father. Bizarre right

Link to the video:



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