Class Notes 10/10

We began class speaking about a recent UNI graduate, Daniel Farmer. He went out to a party, left the party, and ended up in his car. As you can expect, they ended up having sex inside his vehicle.

At this point, this sounds like a normal situation or normal “hook-up” in today’s slang. However, it takes a dark turn.

A day later, the woman claimed that she was raped by Farmer. She took it to Facebook and made it publicly known that she was raped.

This sounds like a terrible situation for both sides. Obviously, if she truly was raped, that is absolutely awful. However, on the other end of the spectrum, if she is purely lying for attention, his life is still left with a mark.

After a brief summary of the case, we watched the video of Farmer testifying in court. This situation, regardless of whether it was rape or not, is extremely embarrassing. This is because there is absolutely no privacy and he has to explain to the jury and his family about what happened that night. However, if he actually did rape her, he deserves as much shame and embarrassment as possible.

I noticed that they began his testimony by asking questions that are ultimately non-related to the case. For example, he was asked “where he was from, where did you go to high School, how were your grades, what did you study in college, why did you choose elementary education, why did you switch majors, did you graduate from UNI, what year did you graduate, did you student-teach.”

He also said “no one teaches for the money, you teach because you love it”. This made him appear like a normal human being who is not capable of rape.

I found this interesting as I assumed they would immediately drill him with questions related to the rape allegations.

Eventually, however, these questions lead into the rape allegations. The “rape” took place in October of 2011.

Daniel Farmer and the victim, which is to remain nameless per request of Anelia, first came across one another through Facebook. They messaged each other on there, then Farmer asked if she’d like to attend a party.

I also want to note that Farmer was very professional in court. He was very helpful, talkative, respectful and showed no signs of lying or discomfort.

According to Farmer, there were about 60-70 people at the party.

According to Farmer, the victim sought him out originally at the party. She talked to him for a minute and then left.

Later that night, she texted him asking where he was. He responded “outside”. She then came outside and asked him for a beer, drank the beer, then went on her way.

15 minutes later, she came back, and asked for another beer. Farmer said “I don’t have one, I have one in my car. We can go get it if you want.”

She agreed. They started walking and began kissing. She then “put her hand down his pants”. They stopped to go get the beer that were in his car.

The beer was in the back of the car. She asked to grab one, so she took her shoes off and then enter the back of his car. He entered and they began to laugh. Then they began to “make-out” for about 5 minutes. Eventually, clothing was removed and they began having sex.

At this point, again, it sounds like a typical consensual hook-up. Of course, I haven’t heard her side yet.

Eventually, Farmer had to explain to the jury that he did not ejaculate because he had “whiskey d**k”. At this point, I fully agree with Anelia when she said that there is no privacy in this case.

Then, to my surprise… it turns out she was 16. Yeah, rape. No other way around it.


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