Brief Summary of Dugard Complaint


The biggest takeaway I had from the Jaycee Lee Dugard complaint was the disappointment towards authorities and parole officers. Over and over again, the complaint proclaimed Philip Garrido’s danger to society, especially those societies that contain a lot of children. Authorities were aware of Garrido’s past, what he was capable of, and ultimately his threat to society, but failed to do their jobs and investigate the Garrido’s residence more closely.

They emphasized that their was no excuse for missing and failing to find Jaycee and her two daughters for 18 years. Ultimately, the complaint stresses that because of Garrido’s past offenses, offenses during the kidnapping period, and the discomfort certain parole officers felt when they were in his presence, there is no way he should have been able to pull off such a horrific, disgusting, and lengthy kidnapping.

To build a stronger case, the complaint lists all of Garrido’s prior offenses, which further supported the idea that someone as dangerous as him should have been under much more supervision. This list included Garrido’s sexual offenses as well as his drug offenses. This was key because Garrido tested positive for methamphetamine and other hard drugs many times while holding Dugard captive, which draws the question, “If he had drugs on him, why didn’t you search the house for more drugs and ultimately stumble upon someone being held captive?”


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