Class Notes 11/28

We began class by watching a video.

The video appeared to be a funeral service of a fallen soldier. At the time, I was unsure of whether the soldier was killed in the line of duty or killed by natural causes and old age. Either way, the service was disheartening and it made me think of the Westboro Baptist Church and all the times they’ve disgustingly and obnoxiously protest funerals similar to this one.

I later found out that the man was 101 years old. The video was recorded by Anelia herself and I give her credit for recording well and maintaining her composure during this difficult time. The man’s name was Bob Zoller.

Zoller had one fear in life. Not suicide pilots, not the war, but being buried alone. For Zoller, his wife died years earlier. This ensures that Zoller would escape his fear and be buried with his wife. This made me insanely happy. It reminds me of my grandmother. Her husband (my grandpa) past away far before I was born, over 25 years ago. My grandmother pass away over a year ago and although it was hard for me, it made me happy knowing she was finally able to reunite with my grandpa after all those years.

We continued class by watching several other military videos. All made me even more upset with Westboro Baptist Church. Soldiers deserve to be honored, not protested. Plain and simple.

We then took five minutes to look at Zoller’s obituary.

Before we did that, Anelia did something I will never forget. Since Zoller was 101 when he passed, she asked five of us to stand up. One person was 19, one was 22, and the other three were 21. When they stood up, Anelia told us to look at these five people and understand that their ages combine into Zoller’s age (just about). This was insane. Zoller five of my current lives. At this pace, I am 1/5th done with my life. It is very eye-opening.

We then transitioned to listening to a 9-1-1 call, specifically the 9-1-1 call of the Lindsey Nichols’ murder. This was a murder-suicide and Nichols was only 21 at the time, which is eye-opening because that is around my age.

Listening to the 9-1-1 call was very, different. Nichols current boyfriend call 9-1-1 before anything happened, then she got shot mid-call. It was crazy. It was hard to listen to.

After, we talked about all the extra-cirrikculars. What happened to the boyfriend (who made the phone call)? He has gotten married but never really spoken out about his experience. What happened to the wife of the killer? The killer was a 44-year old doctor who had a wife a children. He was having an affair with Nichols, it turned sour, and eventually he killed her.





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